Yoko's Workshop

A scene of my workshop in Japan by You Tube

My teaching approach

My teaching approach is informed by the Mitzvah technique, a development of the Alexander technique. The Mitzvah technique emphasizes alignment of posture, thereby relieving bodily tension and allowing greater freedom of movement. By teaching Mitzvah techniques, exercises and practices, I help them increase their body's movement potential. With their newfound fluidity, they are able to express themselves in new ways and exercise greater creativity. Using this technique, I teach ballet, contemporary and improvisation dance. Importantly, my students learn how to listen to their body, reducing the possibility of injuries that could limit their self-confidence and their output. I teach them to maximise the possibilities that their individual physiques offer so that they are the best dancer that they can be. I strongly believe that a dancers biggest strength is their individuality. I feel that the most succesful dancers are those who are able to make the most of what is exceptional about themselves. I therefore guide students to explore their individual possibilities, in addition to mastering the standard techniques.